Friday, 07 September 2007

Living the AIESEC Way... thoughts back home

Today we had an amazing MC meeting - the first one since we've all got back from IC2007. Let me tell you, it was not easy. All the thoughts, ideas, feelings coming from Turkey with us - and now let out in the MC office to form something wonderful for the future...

And the most important topics coming up: how to live the AIESEC Way every day of our lives? How to enable our members to do that? How can we hype up the whole organization, put some psyke in members? How can we ensure that our partners are committed to AIESEC just like global partners are?
This is the point when MC is inspired and ready to reach high - but our members haven't had the IC experience... How can we pass the feeling on? Answering these questions above generated a thoughtful discussion in that small office at UoN main campus.

I loved the most the lunch that we had together. The free storm of ideas over Phil's fish stew and the beef stews that we girls had. And the nicest in all this is that now I really see the way our plans can be realized. Loads of challenges ahead, of course, but this team will be successful. We just have to stick to our determination and principles.

I'm so proud to be a part of it, thanks to all of you, Charlie and Angels. Thanks for all the fun, for all the discussions, for all the nice moments together, for being part of my life. You're among the most wonderful people I've ever known.


Thursday, 30 August 2007

IC 2007

Its always a blast, but this time I must say that it swept me off my feet with very new concrete thoughts on what AIESEC is all about. The theme was One for all, all for the future and to me this theme means alot and will continue to embody my AIESEC XP.

I am seated in the room now thinking of how best I can express my experience in this third IC I am attending and believe you me its not easy. However I will try. There is this quote that was given by Victor Lowenstein, a member of the SG of AIESEC International that perfectly descibes my AIESEC. "AIESEC is not an association, its a philosophy, a way of life that will live on above 50 years more to come and will never end.

What more can I say......Live the AIESEC Way....It will change your life.

Friday, 17 August 2007

IC2007 preparations...

Now am sitting in the MC office, having a mental block after such a week - and waiting for Audi (who i hope brings a coffee and some snack) and Juliet, with Juliet we're still running around for arranging all money and ticket issues. But am happy. We're on track - and finally all of us are going to IC.

I believe this mess around IC was a crucial part of my integration to Kenya - now I don't just see or understand but am a part of the African realities, I can feel all issues o my own skin. I had ups and downs in the last few days, I gave up hope and started to believe again...

I just want to say thank you for all around - my MC team mates and some alumni - to make me feel better and not worrying any more. Now I can believe that anything can happen which I didn't really believe before with my European mindset.Now I believe in miracles, in positive thinking any everything like that.

I know that on Tuesday evening when we're having our first meeting together all of us, we'll just laugh and feel really good that we've made it. I can't wait to be there!

Now, today we'll get my flight ticket with Juliet, and then tomorrow we're going to masai market, get all the last things we need to buy, on saturday or sunday i'll get my hair made... and fly on monday, together with Sly!!

Leah and Phil, hope you arrived in safe to Istambul and you already enjoy your time there. Juliet, don't let people fustrate you, my dear. You'll get wrickles on your face at a too young age. Thanks for all. Sly, get ready with your assignments and see you at the airport on monday morning.


Saturday, 11 August 2007


Last week, I was seated at the MC office thinking about leadership and the differences between leadership in corporate organizations and leadership in not-for-profit organizations. I picked up a conversation with our baby angel on getting her views on what she thinks is the difference between both types of leadership situations. One thing came out very clear, that leadership is indeed very different, depending on who you are leading and what motivates them into the organization.

A thought then that I pondered on is Volunteer organizations, where there is no employment relationship between the member and the organization, this represents an interesting context in which to explore the effects of leadership and organizational commitment. Volunteer leaders from an international social/charitable organization have a very hard time, on the one hand, leading volunteers whom have very different motivations in the organization and on the other hand, managing results from volunteers, results which are critical in the overall big picture of the organization and that determines whether the organization is relevant within the environment it operates. Volunteer leaders are more psychologically involved and committed to their organization than comparable leaders from companies and/or trade unions, where you can simply fire or reduce salaries based on productivity. This shows then that the experience gained from leading a volunteer organization, such as AIESEC is no Joke. All the MCs, LCEB's, team leaders, project directors and leadership teams in AIESEC are people who have characteristics that give them a significant edge than their peers.

The processes, the systems, the minimums, the projects, the learning networks, international affairs, country partnerships and many other commitments at the same time, all geared up towards achieving a common goal, together with direction setting and motivation is an experience everyone in the universe should go through.

It now a month since we took over office and the experience so far is tremendous. I can imagine our finance angel, with two degrees underway, exams left right and centre, and still manages to be in the office at seven in the morning is amazing. And its not that she is failing in class, she still has admirable grades...Juliet..kudo's...hats off for you...:) but i believe you can write something here as well...

Lastly, i believe that its imperative that leaders in volunteer organizations then consider the human element and various motivations of people they lead...most importantly, managing results from volunteers as well as enhancing their capacity and providing that big picture always to avoid instances of mediocrity and level-headedness....responsibility and the ability to inspire action and results then are a perfect recipes for a successful leadership in an organization such as AIESEC...

But as always....its up to you!

Until next time...

Much love


Wednesday, 08 August 2007

moja, mbili, tatu... :-)

yess, your babyAngel is taking seriously the swahili courses! though i think i'll need someone to teach me cos this book i have it's not that swahili that people speak here in Kenya :-P

otherwise... guys i miss the Friday drinks, we've been to long time ago out together for MC team drink, we should do that again. I agree with Leah, it helps a lot in getting back in the mood after a tiring week.

i was thinking a lot what to write here today, while I was trying to send an e-mail from the office again for like 4-5 hours (this time i finally gave it up and sent it from home), and then i started to explain to Quincy (former LCP of LC Moi) why it worth to go and live abroad for a longer period of time - and i decided to write about what i have learnt in the last 2 months since i've been here in Kenya.

The first and maybe most important thing is that i'm rediscovering myself. i thought i know everything about Vicki, but when i arrived to Kenya, started to act differently than i had used to in the past, then the feedbacks i'm getting time by time here... i just know that i still don't know myself enough.
The second most important thing is patience. Patience towards people, towards machines (especially computers) and patience simply regarding life and things. i still have to develop this skill, because sometimes i start worrying about certain things too early, but i think i've already improved a lot.
A bit linked to patienced, but not totally covering it is determination. if i want to reach something, trying is not enough. Yoda was right: "Do or do not but try not." i think i learnt how to use all my willingness and how to be extra pushy (at least comparing to myself) so that i can get what i want.

I also learnt not to speak to Phil when he's working on the computer, cos he'll not hear what i'm saying. But when he's listening, he really does. I know when Juliet is upset, you can make her feeling better with bringing a tea or a mandazi for her, and i respect both Sly and Juliet for their patience towards their PCs. And Leah, she becomes happy any time seeing Family Guys.

And the last but also very important thing: i have been too stressed on some things time by time all along in my life. i shouldn't be. i learn here: problems solve themselves (as my best friend usually kept telling me before, but it only got a deeper meaning here for me), i have to take it easy and enjoy life.